The Money Maker

"FSD has been the BEST investment I have ever made in my business. I had my best month of business since partnering with Radiancy—I made over $12,000.00 last month! Now I would say I'm one happy Esthetician! Thank you Radiancy for making such a phenomenal product!"

—Dawn Poppe
San Jose, California


"My practice has completely shifted since I have added the Radiancy Technology to my menu. My clients all notice an incredible change in their brighter. The ability to benefit the skin with added modalities after their Radiancy session has taken my treatments to a whole other level."

—Dayle Breault-Hagag
Goddess of Skin, Santa Monica


"I purchased my Radiancy FSD unit with more than a little skepticism. Within the first week the unit had generated enough income to pay for itself, plus! I use the unit on every client with great results every time. I would definitely recommend this unit to any esthetician wanting to increase revenue and have happy clients that return!"

—Jessica Sage
Clive, Iowa


"I come from a small, hard-hit town and I purchased my FSD unit with a lot of apprehension. Radiancy had a lot to offer, but would my clients be ready for the addition. My business has since increased in services 48%. Even in a very small town, the results and increased revenue are worth the price. When you give your clients quality treatments that work, you will definitely be rewarded."

—Connie Otworth
The Skin Rejuvenation Centre Wheelersburg, OH


"I love my FSD! Lots of clients have shown interest in the complete series, making it one of my most popular treatments"

—Traci Denny
Lacey Orangevale, CA


"The response to FSD was overwhelming. In six weeks we brought in over $7,000. Our clients loved the way FSD made their skin look and feel. We were doing so many treatments; I had to order another machine."

—Judi Swain
Glam Spa, Orange, CT

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